Welcome to the Inland Waters Trap League‚Äč

President: Guy Slack     Vice President: Mark Shepard    Treasurer / Secretary: Todd Hosbach

Shoot 5 is all on the site now.  It looks like we will have a 2 team race to the end.  Outlet and Shortsville have proven to be the two teams to beat all season. and it doesn't look like they are going to slow down.  The Stein was won by Colin Bachman.  Colin posted the only 50 X 50 for the month of January.  The Hayes was also won outright by Lynn Gallahan.  Lynn posted a 48 X 50.  Well done Colin and Lynn.  All clubs are doing well.  I did a shooter tally.  We have approx. 272 shooter's that have joined the league this season.  This is awesome with what is going on with the world today.  All clubs should pat yourselves on the back for getting people to shoot.  WELL DONE!!!

Our next shoot is February 6 & 7.  

Bonbright Champion

Colin Bachman

Stein Champion's

Thomas Lamonica

Colin Bachman

Hayes Champion's

Leslie Slater

Lynn Gallahan