Welcome to the Inland Waters Trap League‚Äč

President: Guy Slack     Vice President: Mark Shepard    Treasurer / Secretary: Todd Hosbach

The score page is back up for now.  There was some technical difficulty for some people to open the document on this page.  I will try something new in the coming days.  For now we are going back to the old way.  

The Bonbright event is still tied.  Both BIll and Colin broke 23 then 25.  They will carry over in December.  The Stein competition took place in November.  Both Taylor Stratton and Tom Lamonica both broke 50x50.  They will carry over in December.  Leslie Slater won the Hayes event.

Our BT-99 raffle was won by Pete Schifano.  Pete took the cash option.  He also donated $100.00 back to the sccholarship.  Thank you very much Pete for your generous donation.

The raffle raised $1,480.00 total.  Thank you to everyone who sold and bought tickets.