President: Guy Slack     Vice President: Mark Shepard    Treasurer / Secretary: Todd Hosbach

Good news everyone.  The Inland Waters Trap League is a go for this year.  There will be some changes this season due to covid.  We will all be shooting at our own clubs this year.  Sorry, that means no traveling to the other clubs.  The only team with an exemption is Irondequoit.  They don't host a shoot and have no club to shoot at.  Most of Irondequoit will more than likely be shooting at Outlet.  There will be no High Gun or Lewis.  If we have a banquet, it will be at the Palmyra VFW on Friday June 4th.

The Officers and Directors would like to welcome Shortsville back into the league.  Even though they are a non hosting club at this time, they will shoot at there own club this year.  

Welcome to the Inland Waters Trap League


1. SHORTSVILLE         243    12 POINTS

2. OUTLET                   242    11 POINTS

3. WALWORTH           233     10 POINTS

4. HOLFIELD               231      9.5 POINTS

4. ROCH. BROOKS     231     9.5 POINTS

6. MENDON                230       7 POINTS

7. LIMA                        225       6 POINTS

8. ONTARIO                219       4 POINTS

​8. NEWARK                 219       4 POINTS

8. VICTOR                   219       4 POINTS

11. FOUR POINT        218       2 POINTS

12. IRONDEQUOIT     193      1 POINT