2020 - 2021 League Champions                                        Team Champion's:   Outlet​

Appreciation Co Champion's: Doug Trumpowsky & Dave Mueller (10)

DeJong Champion: Jeff Heater (9 scores)

Sub Jr. Champion: T.J. Calvaruso

Junior Champion: Mark Moroz

Sub Vet Champion: Chris Tsai

Veteran Champion: Tim Herbstsommer

Senior Veteran Champion: Dave Stratton

Lady Champion: Lynn Gallahan

Most Improved Shooter: Gene Baier

Rookie Of The Year: Bill Kalwas

Couples Champion's: Jeff and Lynn Gallahan

Parent Child Champion's: Jerry and Mark Moroz

Hampton Team Champion: Rochester Brooks

2021-2022 Bonbright Champion

​Steve Kornbau

2021 -2022 Stein Champions

Colin Bachman

Bill Kalwas

Tom Buchiere

2021-2022 Hayes Champions

Nita Schumacher

​Nita Schumacher

​Nita Schumacher

President: Guy Slack     Vice President: Mark Shepard    Treasurer / Secretary: Todd Hosbach

Welcome to the Inland Waters Trap League

 ​ELECTION RESULTS. Guy Slack has been voted in for another term as President. Mark Shepard has been voted in for Vice President. We need a Secretary / Treasurer. Todd Hosbach has declined to run for office. If you have any interest, please contact Guy, Mark or Todd to let us know your interest in the position.        Our next shoot is May 7 at Walworth. This will be our shoot off. Each shooter has been put into one of five classes. These classes can be seen directly to the right. Shooting hours are 9-2.                                                       The Scholarship fund Shell Raffle is SOLD OUT. The drawing will take place at the shoot off on May 7th at 9:00 a.m. before we begin shooting.                               The banquet is scheduled for Friday June 3, 2022. A few tickets got handed out that say June 2,2022. The date on those tickets is incorrect.                                                        The board of directors have decided to charge a $10.00 deposit for all tickets to the banquet. In the past, we have had a lot of people take tickets and not show up. This cost the league a lot of money. When you show up at the banquet, you will get your $10.00 back. If you have any questions about this, please contact your club director.

Bonbright Champion

Colin Bachman

Stein Champion's

Thomas Lamonica

Colin Bachman

Colin Bachman

Hayes Champion's

Leslie Slater

Lynn Gallahan

Lynn Gallahan